Weather forecast, how it works? ||Site Visit: Jabatan Meteorologi Malaysia Cawangan Sarawak

Swinburne Sarawak IET on Campus had organized a technical visit to Meteorologi Malaysia Cawangan Sarawak. This is a collaboration event with Malaysian Meteorological Department. The event was held on 6 November 2019.

A total of 8 IET student members were benefited by the visit. The participants were exposed to various instruments on how to view the weather.

The event started at 1.00pm where participants were gathered at the lobby of Block A. The participants departed the site by car-pooling.

Upon arrival, the participants were greeted by Mr. Ambun and other officers. The participants were led to the Meeting Room.

Mr Ambun introduced himself as the manager of Malaysian Meteorological Department, Kuching branch. He then introduced the history of the department, their vision and mission.

After that, Mr. Ambun explained on how to monitor the weather. Malaysia is utilizing 6 different instruments to determine the weather. The instruments are satellite, radar, weather balloon, automated surface-observing systems, Advanced Weather information Processing system and seismic station. Sarawak currently owns 3 radar which situated at Kuching, Bintulu and Miri. Next year, a new radar station, offering the same services will be used, he explained.

Next, the participants were guided to the operation room where the data were processed. From here, participants able to view the meteorologists prepare the forecast and monitor the weather graphics.

The event ended with a group photo session. The organising chairperson, Clement Ung presented a plaque to Mr. Ambun as a token of appreciation.

Mr. Ambun introduced himself to the participants.
Participants were led to the operation room.
Group photo session
Organising chairperson presented plaque

Prepared by,

Clement Ung Fung Cheng