Common-Sense Quiz

Swinburne Sarawak IET on Campus had successfully conducted a mini-quiz, Common-

Sense. system was utilised to keep track whoever buzz in first. The fastest to buzz will get to answer the question first and the first to get it right will win a point. Students can either join the quiz by register on the spot or register via google form that was posted online. The questions were projected on the screen so that the participants can view the question.

Registration of participants
Participants playing the quiz
Mr. Paul is hosting the quiz
Presenting award to the winner
The event ended with a group photo session

Feedback from participants:

  • The participants said that they had fun and wished for more similar activities to be conducted in Swinburne.

  • The questions in the quiz may have proved slightly too difficult.

  • The system implemented was successful but would require a better setup method for the following batch to avoid unnecessary delays.

Prepared by,

Paul Cornelius Bong

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