Intel Recruitment Drive

Intel is undoubtedly one of the largest microprocessor companies, and it would be interesting to know what it's like to work in such a company. On 30 October 2018, SSIET partnered with Intel Malaysia (based in Penang) to conduct an Intel Recruitment Drive, presented by Intel Malaysia's representative, Mr. Alex Goon, from the company's Human Resource Department.

During the presentation, Mr. Alex Goon introduced the missions and visions of the company. As an employee of the company, he also got to share some interesting insights on the experience of working in Intel to the students, such as the medical benefits provided, gym facilities, and flexible working hours. In addition, he presented a few videos, highlighting the focuses of the company that relates to current trends. These include Drones and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

After that segment, Mr. Alex Goon shared with the students on the internship opportunities that are offered by the company, giving students a chance to explore the experience of working in Intel. From there, the talk was concluded as SSIET presented a token to Mr. Alex as an appreciation for his sharing.

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Event Report by:

Sarah Jane Kho

Edited by:

Edwin Thou

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