IET Malaysia Prestige Lecture Award Dinner 2018

On 22 September 2018, Swinburne Sarawak Institution of Engineering and Technology (SSIET) had flew all the way to Peninsula on attending the annual IET Malaysia Prestige Lecture Award Dinner 2018.

The team was leaded by Dr. Chua Hong Siang. The attendees were Kong Wey Luek, Kok Zhen Hui, Christopher Tan, Gabriel Ling, Peter Ling, Ivan Ling, , Jonathan Emmanuel Ho, Dr. Chua Hong Siang and Caleb Low (from left to right). The photo was taken at Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur Hotel.

SSIET Representatives

It was a wonderful night for all SSIET representatives. They were having a really good time there. Some of them even received certain awards.

The previous president of SSIET, Mr. Jonathan Emmanuel Ho had received best student of SSIET 17/18 award at the ceremony.

Current president, Mr. Peter Ling was elected as committee of IET Malaysia Network Young Professionals Section (YPS).

SSIET feel proud that this year one of the club member, Mr. Christopher Tan Aik Wei had won the Asia Pacific round of the competition, and would participate in the global final in London in the coming November. This is the second time SSIET has made it to London. The previous winner of the Present Around The World Public Speaking Competition was Mr. Peter Ling. Mr. Christopher was given a chance to present his speech during the ceremony.

Mr. Christopher Tan Aik Wei presenting His Speech during the ceremony

SSIET would like to thank Dr. Chua Hong Siang for his efforts and guidance on leading the club so well and congratulates him for becoming the IET main committee.

The End.


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