Forum: ''Are Our Students Ready for Jobs of The Future"

On the 24th August 2019, SSIET organized a “Are Our Students Ready for The Jobs of The Future?” forum and talk in collaboration with Chumbaka. This forum was created with the intention to discuss on whether our recent generations of students are ready for the jobs of the future? What does it mean for our students as we evolve into industry 4.0 as well as introduce more robots into the workforce? This forum was followed by a talk “Am I Ready?” by Swinburne student and PATW national champion, Paul Cornelius Bong and another “Was I Ready?” by Dr Mark Tee Kit Tsun who shared about his journey as a student up till his days as a lecturer.

The four speakers Joseph Chung from Tunku Putra/ National YIC Finals champion, Roland Yau the CTO of IDS/Parent, Choo Wai Heng the MD of Dreamcatcher and Pui Jin Tung a principal discussed whether our students are ready for the jobs of the future while Nigel Sim from Chumbaka acted as a Moderator. They introduced the history of our advancing industry as well as touched upon how the future will look like for our graduates. After that, they opened the floor to questions.

Guest speakers

On 2:45 pm, A talk was given by Paul Cornelius Bong a Swinburne student and the PATW Malaysia 2019 National Champion. He touched upon his experiences and stressed upon how soft skills sets us apart from machines. A person well equipped with soft skills such as public speaking, troubleshooting and critical thinking and many others will always be needed by the industry.

A well-articulated speech was given by Paul Cornelius Bong

Finally, a talk was given by Dr Mark Tee Kit Tsun, sharing about his experiences and how these challenges he faced in life further prepared him for his time as a lecturer. He went on to explain how despite taking the long route to his PhD, everything worked out in the end and that is all that matters. Life is not a race, and that everyone will succeed in their own time.

Dr. Mark Tee Kit Tsun gave a talk about his personal experiences and the challenges.

The Lecture Theater Hall L001 is full of students

Prepared by,

Paul Cornelius Bong