Talk - Preparing for BEM PCE Examination (Electrical Engineers)

According to the IEM Training Centre, a Professional Engineer has to sit through the Professional Competency Examination (PCE) in order to obtain a Practicing Certificate. This exam consists of 2 papers - Common Paper and Discipline Paper. On 27 October 2018, SSIET hosted a talk titled "Preparation For BEM PCE Exam For Electrical Engineers", led by Professional Electrical Engineer, Ir. Kuan Jew Xun, and Ms. Priscilla.

In his talk, Ir. Kuan firstly explained the Common Paper. He shared the different Contract Laws in Malaysia in terms of the construction industry, Engineers' responsibilities to society and the public, and more. After a short refreshment break, he then continued on to the Discipline Paper, delving deeper into Laws that are relevant for the practice of Electrical Engineers.

After discussing the two papers, Ir. Kuan shared several tips on how to tackle the exam questions effectively, and several techniques that he used in his experience. He also showed a few sample questions, and held a discussion session so that the attendees can join in and answer those questions together. As the talk came to an end, SSIET presented a token of appreciation to Ir. Kuan, and all the attendees took a group photograph.

All in all, SSIET hopes that this talk has helped increase the knowledge on the engineering regulations, while helping attendees know what to expect in both the Common Paper and the Discipline Paper for Electrical Engineers. A big thank you is extended to Ir. Kuan and Ms. Priscilla for conducting this talk and making it a success.

Event report by:

Paul Bong

Edited by:

Edwin Thou

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