SSIET Annual General Meeting 2017

Organizing Chairperson: Jonathan Ho Siew Kit

Date & Time: 13 September 2017, 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Venue: Block G room 407, Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus


SSIET Advisors · Dr. Chua Hong Siang

27 SSIET Members

2 Swinburne Sarawak student

On the 13th September 2017, SSIET organized Annual General Meeting with a total number of 29 participants. The meeting discusses about the past events held by SSIET as well as the upcoming events that members and non-members are able to participate. It is also an opportunity to recruit new members.

Activities were as follows:

7:00 pm

Participants arrive at room G407 for the Annual General Meeting. President Jonathan Ho gives an introduction speech on the SSIET and a brief overview of the schedule planned ahead. He also mentioned about the origins of IET and how it has impacted the engineering world. IET embraces teamwork among students.

Introduction to the SSIET main advisor Dr. Chua Hong Siang, Dr. Su, Dr. Lawrence Ting, IET YPS East Malaysia Representative Mr. Jarvis Ling and Ms. Priscilla Toh, and brief introduction to committee members.

7:15 pm

Welcoming speech by SSIET main advisor Dr. Chua Hong Siang. Furthermore, he elaborated on how SSIET built network around Malaysia since establishment.

7:20 pm

Secretary report were presented by Cedric Chung about the past events which are held during semester 1, 2017. These events are Club recruitment drive, General meeting, SolidWorks Workshop, Site Visit to Kuching Centralised Water Treatment Plant, Power Quality Talk, Team Building as well as Appreciation Dinner

7:30 pm

Treasury report from Melvin Wee as he tells us about the income and outcome of every event during semester 2, 2016.

7:35 pm

Announcements on recruiting total of four new committee members as there are empty posts which are Vice Secretary, Vice Treasurer Asst. Logistics & transportation officer, Asst. Education & Welfare officer, Asst. Recruitment & Rectification officer, Asst. Marketing and Publicity Officer and Asst. Multimedia and Design Officer.

7:45 pm

Refreshments were given and group photo were taken in room G407. There were total of three new members who were joining SSIET in this General Meeting.

Participants gathered in the room while meeting is taking place

Dr. Chua presenting the committee certificate to Melvin Wee

SSIET advisors, members and non-members group photo

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Date: 16 September 2017

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