SSIET Appreciation Dinner

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Now that finals are over, semester 2 2018 has officially ended. What better way to celebrate than to munch on some delicious food together with some friends?

On 12 December 2018, SSIET organised an appreciation dinner for committees at Nando's in Vivacity Megamall. The main purpose of the dinner was to show gratitude and appreciation to the SSIET's committee for their contributions and commitment throughout the semester.

After gathering at Swinburne's A-Block lobby and arriving at Vivacity by carpooling, the members gathered at 7 pm for their dinner. One of the highlights of the dinner was the sharing session, where each member was given an opportunity to share their feelings and opinions regarding past events and club operations. Members shared constructive comments, and discussed the importance teamwork, tolerance and understanding. All in all, the members are thankful and grateful for the teamwork and leadership of the team.

Event report by:

Hanry Yong

Edited by:

Edwin Thou

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