Contract Manufacturing || Site Visit - Cincaria Sdn. Bhd.

On 21st of February 2019, Swinburne Sarawak IET On Campus collaborated with Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn Campus (Australia) and Cincaria Sdn Bhd to organize a site visit. Cincaria Sdn Bhd is one of the companies that contract manufacturer electro mechanical in Penang. There was a total of 20 participants from multidisciplinary engineering courses. This site visit provided a golden opportunity for the students to learn about the manufacturing process of circuit board, SMT (Surface Mount Technology) process, assembly of electro-mechanical products and also occupational safety and health practiced in the company.

Participants wearing anti-electrostatic clothing before entering the production line.

At 2:00 pm sharp, participants arrived at the lobby of the company and they were guided by Mr. Marco Wong, the Chief Executive Officer of Cincaria Sdn Bhd. Prior to entering the production line, participants were asked to wear anti-electrostatic clothing to ensure the safety of the participants.

Mr. Marco Wong gave a short presentation on the company overview. He explained the company history, mission, visions and core business of Cincaria Sdn Bhd. He requested the participants not to take any photos in the production line as the some of the processes were highly confidential. A short Q&A session was conducted before entering the production line.

At the first station, Mr. Marco Wong explained how the circuit boards were cut into sizes based on customers’ requests and requirements. At the second station, Mr. Marco Wong explained how the circuit boards were cleaned and how the electronic components were mounted onto the circuit boards through SMT (Surface Mount Technology). Then, Mr. Marco showed how the circuit boards were checked using visual inspection machine (machine vision) before the participants went to the assembly line / assembly department.

A token of appreciation was presented to Mr. Marco Wong, by Dr. Chua, SSIET main advisor.

Event report by,

Lee Zhe Wei

Edited by,

Tony Lee

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